Slow Fashion.
Dress as there is no tomorrow.
Individuality is a collective commitment.
Sustainability is just mandatory.


Amai Rodríguez, (Spain 1985), started Fine Arts and continued with Fashion Design at the contemporary school, ESDEMGA, finishing this degree with an Honorable Mention and immediately building a brand from a combination of these two paths. But before getting there, she worked for La Abadía’s Theater, RESAD, Zara, Reem Alasadi, among others.

Understanding Fashion as Art, storytelling became her leitmotif, mixing popular culture and ordinary elements with music, nightlife and imaginary worlds.

Finalist in the international contest, ITS Fashion #7, (Trieste), Amai Rodríguez showcased three times in Samsung Ego’s catwalk, (Madrid), also awarded with the L’Oreal Fashion Prize for being the best collection of the year and also Prenamo’s prize due to its business excellence.

You will recognize an Amai Rodríguez for its colorful unusual prints, reworked vintage feeling, and also a mixture of botanical background plus retrofuturistic acid culture, also by the use of masks, unexpected items and other paraphernalia! Fighting for a better use of fashion and a nonsense mass production, you will discover soon her new 2023’s collection in her website and specific stores..

Also you can find her & her amazing team, dancing in the best underground clubs of Barcelona, say hi to them for an unforgettable night!