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17 Questions to Amai Rodríguez by David López

If Art in capital letters inspires you, your designs would be…
A film: Return to Oz by Walter Murch
One Song: Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London
A painting: Christina’s world by Andrew Wyeth

A city to live...
Berlin :)

And to work...

If fashion tells a story, real or imaginary, which one would be yours?
Imaginary, with a little dose of daily drama and a little bit of scifi secret dimensions!

How much of dreaming and fantasy is in your way of understanding fashion?
90%. The other 10%, market/sales

If you could dress someone for a day, who would it be?
My mother

Which elements of Pop Culture will always be linked to your way of seeing the world?
Doughnuts, cassettes and The muppets

In fashion, there is also fast food?
Unfortunately, too much!

What trend do you expect to return from oblivion?
The Art of wearing a hat

What will always be in fashion, no matter how many decades go by?
The hat

Choose a garment from your wardrobe that has a special meaning for you.
A white fake-haired coat, it travelled, partied and lasted more than 10 years!

If your life were a book, what would its title be?
“The Infinite Loop”

What takes up most of your time?
Music! Looking for it, discovering it and dancing to it (& repeat!)

What are the little things that make your day to day better?
Charles, my little soft, hairy ball

A personal 'rule' you never break.
Never drink before 12:00 noon.

What values matter in your life and work?
Be true to myself, without harming others and saying NO to the “use and throw away” culture.

A pending adventure to realize...
Cooking for someone