8VINTAGE: A love affair between a sustainable fashion designer and her huge passion for vintage clothes

I decided to take the vintage clothing path as soon as I realized that my heart was racing every time I saw a vintage gem! Heart and hips don’t lie! So here I am with 8 Vintage Shop, named after the day that Carlos, (my boyfriend, best friend and biggest supporter) and I met for the first time! visit shop Even though, nowadays fashion is the second, if not the first, pollution’s problem, I always encourage people, friends and family to use it and buy it wisely! Here are some points and thoughts that I would love to share: I do believe fashion can help us out to overcome those bad days and empower us if we are having an important meeting or an urge for a life change! I am here to help anybody who most of the time feels like he or she doesn’t belong to a group, or feels different, as we all are, isn’t it? and that is amazing, what makes us unique and if we also add some magic clothing pieces, it feels like the perfect heavenly formula! visit shop